Hazardous Waste Class 4: Flammable Solids

Posted by author Richard Espinoza on Tue, Nov 22, 2016

Hazardous Waste Class 4: Flammable Solids

Flammable solids can create potential threats for the industries that use them. Improper storage, use, and disposal of these materials presents a danger to employees and property.

Take care to understand flammable solids before they cause a hazardous waste emergency. Here is a quick look at Class 4 hazardous materials and how to handle them.


Class 4 Basics

Any solid that readily begins a combustion process with the help of an igniter classifies as a Class 4 Flammable Solid. Class 4 materials undergo this combustion without outside changes to density or pressure.flammable solids

Likewise, Class 4 materials are prone to combustion without the assistance of chemical accelerants.

Properly labeled Class 4 materials are recognizable by DOT placards with a number 4, red markings, and the flame symbol.


Flammable Solid Examples

The United States Department of Transportation breaks Class 4 Flammable Solids into three major subdivisions. Division 4.1 (Flammable Solids) is the most diverse. Materials that can engage in exothermic reactions without oxygen, combust with friction alone, or are self-reactive fall into this category. Common examples include household matches and sulfur. Division 4.2 (Spontaneously Combustible) items like activated carbon can ignite without a specific ignition source. Lastly, Division 4.3 (Dangerous When Wet) items become fire hazards when exposed to water. Aluminum powder and magnesium are common examples of Division 4.3.


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Secure Disposal Solutions

Companies that work with Class 4 materials should develop a comprehensive disposal strategy, as the results of improperly disposed flammable solids could be disastrous. Failure to remove these substances properly increases the risk of environmental contamination and fire damages.

Thankfully, full-service hazardous waste companies offer responsible disposal and emergency response services.


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