Why Your Water Remediation Company Needs Fast Waste Pickup

Imagine this scenario: Your water remediation company is hired for a job at a site where a large amount of contaminated water and materials needs to be removed after sustaining damage. Your company works tirelessly to remove the items and ensure the site is clean and safe for workers and the environment.

However, an important step in the water remediation process - collection of that hazardous waste - is overlooked. This could happen for several reasons … miscommunication causes the hazardous waste pickup service you contracted with to fail to show up on the agreed date. Or perhaps your company waited too long to contact a vendor, and now that vendor isn’t available immediately. 

Regardless of the reason behind the snafu, waste must now sit on the property for several days, during which time a catastrophe begins to unfold. Noxious odors begin creeping into the air, while contaminates begin seeping into the groundwater, putting nearby residents and wildlife at risk. Your company is now facing severe consequences, including potential legal action, damage to your reputation and significant financial losses. 

All of this could have been avoided by working with a reputable hazardous waste disposal company that is experienced in offering prompt waste pickup and safe disposal that protects your company, the company you are offering services to and the public.

In fact, prompt waste pickup should be one of the top qualities you should look for in a hazardous waste transporter. Here’s why this service is especially important for water remediation companies and the other qualities you should look for in a top disposal company.



The Hazards Of Water Remediation



When damage occurs from a water source, water remediation involves cleaning, sanitizing and restoring any possiblewater remediation materials impacted. This process is often important to prevent mold growth, bacteria and other viruses, which can thrive in damp conditions or standing water caused by leaky pipes or other hazards.

While remediation companies play an important role in water damage and restoration, the remediation process can still pose hazards if not correctly handled and executed. In fact, water remediation often generates hazardous waste during the process of removing contaminated materials from a home or worksite. Sources of hazardous waste can come from:

  • Pumping contaminated water: Water remediation often involves pumping contaminated water from a site. The water may contain hazardous substances such as heavy metals, organic compounds and other pollutants.
  • Disposal of filters and absorbents: Water remediation companies may use filters and absorbents to remove contaminants from the water. These filters and absorbents become hazardous waste once they are saturated with the contaminants.
  • Cleaning and decontamination of equipment: Water remediation companies use equipment like pumps, hoses and tanks. Cleaning and decontamination of these items may generate hazardous waste.
  • Removal of contaminated soil: In some cases, contaminated soil disposal may need to take place during water remediation. The contaminated soil is considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly.
  • Chemical treatment of water: Some water remediation processes involve the use of chemicals to treat contaminated water. The chemicals used in the treatment process may become hazardous waste.
  • Mold-infested materials: Mold is likely to grow in damp conditions and can infest building materials.

It is important for water remediation companies to properly identify and manage any hazardous waste generated during the remediation process. Not doing so can result in environmental and health risks, regulatory noncompliance and even legal liability.

Why Prompt Pickup Matters



A hazardous waste disposal company with streamlined operations has a higher likelihood in offering the fastest pickup options in the industry.

Particularly for a water remediation company, prompt pickups matter because they help:

  • Ensure a timely completion of the project, which prevents prolonged jobs that lead to additional costs and inconvenience to the client
  • Minimize environmental impact, reducing the risk of contamination of soil, water and air
  • Comply with regulations, avoiding potential fines or legal action
  • Reduce liability, as the waste is quickly removed and properly disposed of by a qualified and licensed hazardous waste disposal company

Prompt pickups also help to prevent further damage to the affected area since the contaminated materials can continue to cause additional harm if left unaddressed for too long. By quickly removing the waste, a water remediation company can also improve the overall safety of the site, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. A faster pickup time can also help to improve customer satisfaction by minimizing disruption and allowing clients to resume normal activities as soon as possible.

What To Look For In A Waste Disposal Company



Whether your remediation company needs a disposal company for unanticipated hazardous waste removal or you’re looking for a long-term team member to help you manage ongoing waste generated by your restoration company operations, it’s important to choose a reliable disposal company with the experience to handle your specific needs.   

Keep in mind as well that partnering with a reputable hazardous waste company in advance of projects can offer prospective customers the reassurance they need to hire you.

The best waste disposal company will:

  • Transport large amounts of compromised materials to the proper disposal site
  • Dispose of toxic chemicals used during the remediation process, such as biocide, which carries some toxic properties that adversely impact the environment
  • Identify any unknown wastes through sampling and testing
  • Prepare transportation documents, including labels, manifests and other paperwork
  • Offer prompt pickups, which can be important at job sites that need to close quickly

An additional service that can help a remediation company prepare at the beginning of a project is a walk-through program. The best disposal companies have years of experience offering walk-through services, which are consultative in nature and help you identify any potential problems that you may face.

When evaluating your options in this type of service provider, it’s critical that you work with a hazardous waste disposal company that is:

  • Licensed and bonded
  • Properly insured to ensure your company is protected to the fullest
  • Legally permitted for the transportation, storage, treatment and disposal of waste identified
  • Staffed with adequate personnel who are properly trained in handling the type of materials you will be removed from a property
  • Able to provide you with a statement of qualifications (SOQ)
  • Able to provide a list of references on past projects similar to the environmental remediation services your company is providing to offer peace of mind

At the beginning of this article, we shared a scenario that would be daunting for any remediation company. Rather than wait until you may face a similar scenario, it’s better to establish a relationship with a service you are considering before a project begins. 

By partnering with a reliable hazardous waste disposal company, water remediation companies can ensure that their client’s needs are met from the beginning of the project all the way to the end of the project and that their operations are conducted safely and in compliance with regulations.