Does Your Business Need Industrial Cleaning Solutions?

Determined to tackle the challenge head-on, employees every day are tasked with ensuring the industrial environment they operate in is optimized for productivity.

Part of that responsibility is to keep the industrial environment clean and in working order. Armed with a trusty mop and cleaning supplies, workers will scrub, wipe and polish every surface, determined to restore the gleam to their workspaces. 

Yet despite their valiant efforts, stains often remain stubbornly embedded, the grime persists and an air of staleness clings to the air. And that’s not even the biggest issue at hand.
A pristine industrial workspace is often less about mere cleanliness and more about ensuring a safe and efficient environment. That’s where industrial cleaning solutions come into play.

What are industrial cleaning solutions? Industrial cleaning solutions can involve the routine cleanings of industrial or manufacturing facilities or when the unexpected happens, such as contamination spills or other types of accidents. Types of industrial cleaning solutions include deep cleaning services, tank cleaning services, storm drain cleaning, mold remediation and even emergency response. 

But how do you know whether your facility requires specialized industrial cleaning versus standard commercial cleaning services? 

Your business likely needs industrial cleaning solutions if …

  • Your facility is a complex, potentially hazardous environment
  • You require tank cleaning services
  • You have discovered a mold problem
  • You regularly have drainage issues
  • Your facility needs a more robust emergency response plan
  • You have high-traffic areas

Your Facility Is A Complex, Potentially Hazardous Environment



Nearly all industrial plants or manufacturing facilities have potentially hazardous environments. Industrial cleaningindustrial cleaning solutions solutions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges presented by these complex settings.

In these types of environments, various factors contribute to the potential hazards, including the presence of heavy machinery, high-voltage equipment, chemicals, oils and other substances. The accumulation of dirt, grime and debris can not only compromise the efficiency of machinery but also pose serious safety risks to employees.

Industrial cleaning solutions are tailored to address the specific requirements of industrial environments, as well as other complex workplaces like: 

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Power plants
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical production facilities

By relying on industrial cleaning solutions, businesses can proactively mitigate potential hazards, maintain a clean and organized workspace, and safeguard the well-being of their employees. 

You Require Tank Cleaning Services



Several industries have tanks on hand that hold chemicals or water used in the manufacturing process. These industries range from food processing to cosmetics, oil and gas refining, and pharmaceuticals.

Dirty tanks can impact the quality of a product, as well as reduce a machine's efficiency. Regular cleaning between batches is essential to remove the scale, sludge, sediment and crystallization that can build up. 

Some situations can also warrant industrial cleaning immediately, such as:

  • Indicators that alert you when there might be a problem going on inside the tank
  • If you have an upcoming tank inspection and must take the tank out of service
  • If you are swapping contents inside and require a thorough cleaning in between
  • A mechanical failure has occurred, and you must take the tank out of service

Tank cleaning is a specialized industrial cleaning solution and requires specific equipment to achieve the desired result. Qualified industrial tank cleaning companies have this specialized equipment on hand and can respond when circumstances require service right away. They can also put your business on a routine cleaning schedule for preventative maintenance.

You Have Discovered A Mold Problem



Mold can occur in nearly every structure. In manufacturing spaces, all it takes is some light and moisture, and a seriousindustrial cleaning solutions mold infestation can occur. 

Industrial cleaning solutions offered by a company may include mold removal or mold remediation services. As a company, it’s important to note that removal and remediation are two different services.

While mold removal eliminates fungus, mold remediation dives deeper into the issue behind the mold growth and provides long-term solutions. The best mold remediation companies will implement a multi-step plan to keep fungi at their natural levels, keeping mold outbreaks at bay. 

A mold remediation plan will include:

  • Testing to determine which type of mold is growing
  • An inspection that identifies the source of the problem that is leading to mold growth
  • Dehumidification of the affected areas to deter future mold growth
  • Containment of the site to prevent mold spores from spreading to other areas
  • Removal of any materials not part of the structure that mold has affected
  • Treatment of the mold with an agent that lifts it off any structural surfaces
  • Vacuuming of the area with a HEPA vacuum that captures the mold
  • Application of an antimicrobial agent that offers a final protective coat

Highly trained industrial cleaning services will also test other areas of the property where mold growth may not be visible yet, but where the conditions are right for mold to develop.

You Regularly Have Drainage Issues



Drains are present on every property, but it’s common for factories, manufacturing facilities and other commercial properties to have issues with drains clogging with run-off products. 

Grease, oil and production waste can accumulate in storm drains. This can cause line backups and blockages and if severe enough, flooding.

Storm drain cleaning is a specialized type of industrial cleaning solution because it requires an expert level of knowledge to safely complete. Specialized equipment will also disintegrate blockages and flush away remaining debris.

Your Facility Needs A More Robust Emergency Response Plan



While industrial cleaning solutions often focus on maintaining a facility, they also include responding to situations that warrant quick action. 

Particularly companies that regularly handle hazardous waste should always have an effective emergency response plan in place that includes an industrial cleaning company. If you don’t, it’s time to consult with a certified cleaning company that can help you establish a cleaning program that will lead to faster response times and no surprise prices. 

Industrial cleaning companies will also regularly clean your facility to minimize any hazardous waste contaminants so that your team can continue to operate safely.

You Have High-Traffic Areas



This is often an area where many facilities believe commercial cleaning services will suffice, but if your workplace suffers from tough stains and grime, you’ll need something more powerful. Industrial carpet cleaning and industrial tile cleaner services can return your floors to their shiny states once again.

Professional industrial cleaners will use specialized equipment like high-pressure tools, chemical cleaning agents, steam cleaners and sealants to not only enhance the floor's appearance but remove any dirt that could damage the integrity of your equipment.

With industrial cleaning solutions like these, you can ensure your facility is cleaner, more productive and safer for your employees, visitors and community alike.


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