How Can A Hazardous Waste Management Company Help Your Bottom Line?

The State and Federal requirements surrounding the management of hazardous waste are numerous. For smaller hazardous waste generators, streamlining the disposal of such by-products makes practical and economic sense.

Properly licensed and experienced hazardous waste disposal companies can make sure that you get the job done properly and within regulation.

Laws and Regulations

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides in-depth definitions and descriptions of types of hazardous waste, levels of hazardous waste generation, and ways of disposing of or recycling hazardous waste.

The EPA also lists all the laws and regulations regarding hazardous waste, including a company's cradle to grave requirements.

For a person who has many other work-related responsibilities to attend to, the reading and understanding of all these requirements can be a nightmare. However, for the benefit and survival of our environment they are essential. 

The Challenge For Hazardous Waste Generators


Close-up of a scientist in protective suit with hazardous blue chemical in flask at the laboratory-2Whether you are a small or large hazardous waste generator, improper handling of this waste can endanger your employees, increase your liability and cost you a significant amount of money if you are fined.

Often companies that store their hazardous waste and neglect to remove it regularly end up costing the business more because it takes up valuable space and interrupts their workflow process. Not only that, but it costs more to remove a huge amount of hazardous waste all at one time than to remove smaller amounts regularly.

Many times, companies are shocked by the price they have to pay because they waited years to remove it. The sooner that your hazardous waste is removed from your premises, the less it will cost your company. 

In addition, hazardous waste that is improperly stored outside your building carries the risk of contamination to the area around it. The fines for something like that can be quite hefty. 


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And, lastly, exposure to stored hazardous waste may be dangerous to your workers. If you are breaking Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, you will be opening yourself up to huge fines and expensive lawsuits.

On a day-to-day basis, your workers may often be off sick or object to the smell of the stored waste products. Morale will be low, and unhappy workers slow down production lines. 

How Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Can Help Your Company

Different disposal companies offer a variety of services, but overall you can expect some or all of the following:

  • Extensive knowledge of methods of handling hazardous waste.

  • Full grasp of and compliance to State and Federal laws surrounding the disposal of hazardous waste. 

  • The ability to draw up a comprehensive hazardous waste disposal plan that will meet your company's requirements and objectives. 

  • Making sure that you are protected against liability.

  • See to the collection, transportation, and disposal or recycling of the hazardous waste that your company produces. 




It is your responsibility to make sure that your company complies with regulations regarding hazardous waste disposal. If your company is breaking any of the laws regarding hazardous waste, you will be held liable.

The use of a hazardous waste disposal company can make your business run more smoothly, economically, and safely.

You may be surprised at how much you can save by utilizing an experienced hazardous waste management company.

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