The One Service Top Packaging Companies Can’t Do Without

I will get straight to the point...It is Certified Product Disposal Services.

And here’s why...

Although companies have continued to invest in technology that prevents their products from ending up in the wrong hands, many continue to struggle with the fallout from the grey market. 

While the sale of commodities or goods on the grey market can be legal, these products are sold outside of a company’s control, meaning they won’t see any of the profits. 

This can happen in nearly any type of industry that sells products on the market. In fact, The Global Brand Counterfeiting Report estimates that online counterfeiting of consumer goods, including cosmetics, resulted in a loss of $323 billion in 2017. Another report estimates that food fraud costs the global industry as much as $10 to $15 billion each year.

Packaging companies play an important role in preventing this from occurring. As one of the final stops before products hit the market, packaging companies are tasked with handling both the packaging materials and the products themselves. 

If either the packaging or products suddenly can no longer go to market for one reason or another (printing mistakes on packaging, expired product, last minute court orders, etc.), packaging companies are often responsible for making sure these items do not fall into the wrong hands. Those looking to make a quick buck could sell a counterfeit item in outdated packaging or place an expired product in counterfeit packaging that is then sold at a reduced price. 



What Is A Certified Product Disposal Company?


A product disposal company ensures that the goods a companytop packaging companies produces are disposed of or destroyed.

However, certified product disposal is different from waste removal. A certified product disposal company ensures that they are not resold or utilized illegally … AND provides you with authentication so that you have peace of mind and proof that your products are being disposed of properly. 

This authentication is in the form of a chain of custody that includes:

  • A specific plan for the items you with to dispose of or destroy
  • Photographic and video evidence of destruction
  • 24/7 surveillance at any storage yard facilities where your product is awaiting destruction
  • All appropriate paperwork and permits, especially if products are deemed hazardous
  • A Certificate of Destruction form provided to you for your records and your client’s records

Depending on the type of packaging and products you need disposed of, a certified product disposal company will transfer the items to a facility that will use one or more of these technologies:

  • Recycle/reuse
  • Non-hazardous incineration
  • Aerosol recycling
  • Ingredient capture for reuse in other processes
  • Off-site wastewater treatment

Any certified product disposal company that you work with should maintain the tracking and security of the products throughout the entire disposal process.

Why Do Packaging Companies Need A Product Disposal Company?


As a packaging company, why should you work with a producttop packaging companies disposal company to ensure any items you are in possession of are properly destroyed? 

There could be a number of circumstances that may warrant the destruction in the first place, including:

  • Products that have expired in your possession or were mistakenly sent to you that have already expired
  • Goods that have been replaced by a newer version or product line but haven’t made it to the market yet
  • Current packaging on the premises has been replaced or updated
  • Products have been confiscated or recalled for legal or safety reasons
  • Products have been discovered to have defective parts

While it may be tempting to simply throw away these goods or packaging, especially if they have not been deemed hazardous, you may find your business in trouble if they end up on the grey market.

Improper disposal can cost you more than that as well. If the products or packaging in your possession have been ordered destroyed by a court, your packaging business could face substantial fines and penalties if these goods are not destroyed. 

You could also destroy your company’s reputation and business partnerships if your packaging company is labeled as no longer trustworthy. It will likely be difficult to earn back the trust of your clients and other companies who may need your services. 

How Do You Find A Product Disposal Company?


There are many disposal companies on the market, but how do youtop packaging companies find one that will ensure the products in your possession are properly disposed of and thoroughly documented? 

Here are seven qualities a packaging company should look for in a product disposal company:

  1. Experience: Look for a company that has experience in certified product disposal.
  2. Proper certifications: Make sure the company is certified, licensed and bonded.
  3. Customized plan: The best product disposal companies will create a detailed plan that is tailored to your needs.
  4. Evidence: You should never take a company’s word for it. Make sure a product disposal company offers photos, video or other evidence that a proper destruction process has taken place.
  5. An evaluation: The best disposal companies will offer a walk-through or second look to evaluate your needs and to check whether your products contain any hazardous ingredients or components.
  6. Assistance with required forms: Depending on what products you must dispose of, your load may require manifest forms. A disposal company should help you complete any forms that are required as part of the disposal process.
  7. Certificate of Destruction: As we mentioned above, a Certificate of Destruction form usually comes at the end of the disposal process. This provides you and your clients with the final proof that the products or packaging in your possession have been safely destroyed. Make sure this form is a standard part of the disposal process with the disposal company you hire.

Even if the company you are considering checks each of the boxes above, it’s often a good idea to ask for references. This allows you to reach out to other companies to inquire about their experiences working with the certified product disposal company that you are considering. 

For more ideas on how to find the best disposal company for your packaging company, check out our article, Certified Product Destruction Near Me.

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