The Importance Of Filling Out A Certificate Of Destruction Form

Ensuring that the products your company creates do not end up in the wrong hands is critical to your reputation and brand.

While many companies use a product disposal service to discard their obsolete, expired or unwanted products, it is now more important than ever to get a certificate of destruction from a product disposal service.

To receive a certificate of destruction, a form must be completely filled out, and most importantly, it must be filled out properly. Not doing so can put your business at risk for not receiving a certificate or destruction. 

Below we will explore why it is critical to properly fill out a certificate of destruction form so that you can ensure any unwanted products are properly disposed of, as well as some of the items that should be included on the form to guarantee a certificate is issued.


You Have A Legal Record


Records Concept. Word on Folder Register of Card Index. Selective Focus.A certificate of destruction is an important document a certified product disposal company provides to prove that your products have been safely disposed of. The certificate provides a company with a method of tracking its products and ensuring confidence that the waste has been disposed of properly. 

Sometimes called a certificate of disposal, the certificate of destruction form should include a complete list of information to ensure all your bases are covered and you are able to be issued the certificate. Information that should be included is as follows: 

  • The company or person receiving the certificate (or the company that is getting rid of the products no longer wanted)
  • The name of the company receiving the products and transporting them for destruction, as well as the company’s address and contact information
  • A work order number that is a unique transaction number, which establishes an audit trail if needed. The work order number is generated when the waste generator initiates the services of a disposal company. 
  • An invoice number that establishes that transportation services are under way and provides another audit trail
  • Date items were received by the transporter
  • Description of the products received by the transporter
  • Accuracy statement that states the information on the certificate of destruction is accurate

A certificate of destruction form should also have a designated space where an authorized representative for the transportation company will sign. A certification date, or when the certificate was issued to you, should also be included.


Your Liability Is Limited


Expired products expose your company to a significant liability risk. If you manufacture items that have a limited shelf life, it is important to ensure those products are no longer available to the public. 

In general, it is also important to ensure recalled and off-spec products are not available to the public as well, as this can increase your liability if the products no longer meet government regulatory standards. 

Product returns due to a recall are a common and growing occurrence. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) oversee product recalls. 

If a product you manufacture has expired or is subject to a product recall due to a risk of injury, that product should be disposed of through a certified and verified process to limit liability. This includes obtaining a certificate of destruction that proves you took the necessary and legal steps to ensure these products were safely disposed of. 


Your Proprietary Information Is Protected


Peace of Mind wooden sign with beach backgroundEven if your company is no longer manufacturing a product that it once did, it is important to keep proprietary information guarded. 

Media including digital, films or paper documents must go through proper destruction to prevent the disclosure of proprietary information or personnel data. 

This includes taking special care of no-longer-needed electronic products, which often contain embedded memory with easily copied software. Even prototypes and product test runs require destruction to protect the design and appearance of upcoming products.

A certificate of destruction provides further assurance your proprietary information is being protected from competitors, from the moment you turn over your products to a disposal company to the moment your products are destroyed. 


Final Note


Although tough times bring out the best in people, it can also bring out the worst. Unscrupulous individuals looking to make a quick buck can have devastating effects on your brand. 

Working with a certified product disposal service that provides a certificate of destruction will help prevent your unwanted items from falling into the wrong hands, ensuring your company’s quality standards and reputation stay intact.

For a final piece of assurance, choose a product disposal company that maintains a “chain of custody” throughout the process and provides your company with photographic or video evidence of the destruction process. 

To learn more about how to ensure product disposal goes right for your company, read our article, Certified Product Destruction Near Me.


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