R Squared Circuits Can't Escape The DTSC

Planning A Great Escape - DTSC Will Find You

Even though R Squared Circuits discontinued its operations in California and closed its facility on December 18, 2011, they could not escape the hazardous waste laws it violated. 


In a complaint filed in Sacramento County Superior Court, 11 causes of action were listed including:

  • Treating of hazardous waste without permit or authorization.

  • Failure to maintain operating records for hazardous waste treatment systems.

  • Failure to develop a training plan.

  • Failure to maintain employee training records.

  • Absence of integrity assessments for treatment tanks.

  • Absence of daily tank inspection records.

  • Absence of hazardous waste labels on treatment tanks.

  • Absence of waste analysis plan.

  • Absence of phase I Environmental Assessment.

  • Absence of Permit by Rule (PBR) authorization from the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department for the waste water treatment unit and illegal storage of hazardous waste.

  • Failure to maintain and test fire protection equipment, spill control equipment and decontamination equipment to assure their proper operation in time of emergency.

In the recent DTSC news release, Paul Kerwin, Division Chief for the DTSC's Enforcement and Emergency Response Program said, "Hazardous waste generators must meet safety standards; including training their employees, documenting their operations, and obtaining required permits before treating hazardous waste." He further went on to say, "This settlement demonstrates the department’s continuing efforts to uphold compliance with existing environmental law, especially when a violator shows signs of leaving the jurisdiction and escaping accountability.”

This recent judgment outlines the importance of maintaining an appropriate hazardous waste program and ensuring employees are trained and certified where appropriate. 


Folding up shop and trying to get out of town, will not allow companies to just walk away and forget about the damage they may have caused. The DTSC will still pursue legal measures to ensure that existing laws have been followed.  

In the Entry of Final Judgment filed by the Attorney General's Office on behalf of the DTSC, they secured an initial payment of $75,000 and an additional payment of $25,000 if R Squared Circuits violates injunctive provisions set forth in the provisions.

Trying to save a buck by not following regulations and appropriate procedures is not just bad business, it's just plain stupid! There is a reason why OSHA and the DTSC are there, it's to make sure this kind of blatant disregard for the rules everyone else has to live by, are followed, adhered to, and ensure companies are held responsible for their actions!

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