Packaging Oriented Proficiency Standards - What Are The Requirements?

Posted by author Dawn DeVroom on Wed, May 01, 2013

Unfortunately, many of today’s hazardous waste generators are not fully aware of the Department of Transportation’s regulations regarding the shipment of hazardous waste materials. Nevertheless, anytime hazardous waste materials are being prepared for shipping, a series of regulatory precautions are necessary.

These regulations apply to every drum of resin or a transference of hazardous material from one place to another. Generators must always abide by the regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation. We'll look into some of the regulatory policies set forth by DOT. However, more information can be found by visiting the Department of Transportation website.


Hazardous Material Manifests Requirements


There is a training course to help employees to understand how to handle hazardous material as outlined by the DOT. Any employee that labels a drum, prepares shipping papers, or hazardous waste manifests are required to be retrained every three years.

In this class we learn that all hazardous materials need to be identified and labeled in accordance with the Hazardous Materials description table. Also, shipping manifests need to be properly filled out. The minimum information required for shipping manifests is:

  • Both Shipper and Consignee's name and address

  • Basic description of the material including shipping name, hazard class, id number, and packing group.

  • Weights and volumes must be listed

  • Quantity along with the type and kind of package must be determined

  • Emergency response information including a 24 hour response phone number

  • Shippers declaration that the packaging meets the DOT standard

  • Page numbers

  • Title and signatures are also required


Emergency Response


Any person who offers a hazardous material for transportation must provide an emergency response number, including the area code or international access code, for use in the event of an emergency involving the hazardous material. Therefore, it is the shipper's responsibility to include an emergency contact telephone number - accessible 24 hours a day - on all hazardous material shipping papers. 
Meanwhile, shipping containers must be properly packed so that they satisfy the packaging oriented proficiency standards. A brief summary of the packaging oriented proficiency standards is listed below:

  • Embossed packaging that includes a proper UN code

  • Mark and Label Containers

  • There needs to be an approved hazard class label (4" x 4" diamond)

  • Proper shipping name and identification number must be displayed

  • Shipper and consignee’s name and address must be provided

  • Any hazardous materials shipment weighing more than 1,000 lbs. in total weight requires a driver with a valid CDL license. Each Hazardous material driver's lisence must contain includes a hazardous materials endorsement.

  • The vehicle must be labeled on all four sides with hazardous materials identification tags


Department of Transportation Registration Requirements

Each shipment that contains 1000 lbs or more of hazardous waste materials must register with the Department of Transportation. The Hazardous Waste Manifest issued by the EPA will determine whether or not a facility is required to register.

 packaging oriented proficiency standards

Transportation and Security

The packaging oriented proficiency standards require that anyone transporting hazardous materials weighing 1000 lbs or more needs to have a security plan in place. Your plan must include an assessment of possible transportation security risks. This risk assessment needs to include an appropriate plan for responding to the transportation risk listed.

Packaging oriented proficiency standards require that risk assessment plans include the elements listed below:

  • Personnel Security

  • Documentation to confirm information provided by transporters as a part of the hazardous materials covered by the security plan

The Security Must Remain in Effect

Transportation security plans are to remain in effect as long as they continue to be relevant. However, once the shipment destination changes, your shipping documents must be updated.

To get better acquainted with packaging oriented proficiency standards contact the Department of Transportation.


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