Non-Medical Waste Removal for Hospitals: A Basic Guide

Posted by author Dawn DeVroom on Thu, May 16, 2013

Non-Medical Waste Removal for Hospitals: A Basic Guide

Hospitals require special medical waste disposal solutions to deal with pharmaceutical waste. These wastes include extra medicines, used sharp objects, and a long list of contaminated materials. 

However, hospitals also produce a large amount of non-hazardous waste. Hospitals should develop strategies for streamlining the removal of all waste types.non medical waste removal

  • Solid Waste

Trash items like plastic packaging, leftover food, and office products are common in hospitals. Irresponsible management of solid waste can lead to mixing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste products. Furthermore, a disorganized waste removal system often allows recyclable materials to pass into landfills. Hospitals can avoid these wasteful practices with a systematic approach to non-medical waste removal. Medical facilities can also work with a professional waste removal team to ensure solid waste is sorted properly.

  • Universal Hazards

Not all of the dangerous materials found in a hospital are from medical waste. In fact, many of the hazardous waste materials found in hospitals are also found in other businesses. Items like fluorescent lights, cleaning fluids, and batteries can wreak havoc on the environment. Working with a professional waste handler is the best method for keeping these contaminants out of landfills.

  • Recycling Initiatives

Hospitals can also manage their waste stream by diverting recyclable materials. Items like newspaper and a wide range of plastics can easily be reused if sent to the right facility. Every pound of recycled materials is a pound not sent to landfills. Try organizing recycling awareness programs for employees. Likewise, designated recycling bins will inspire employees to think twice when tossing their trash. Hospitals can simplify this process further by employing waste removal professionals who can sort recyclables and other waste.


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