Big Hazardous Waste Fines For Rite Aid

Rite Aid Settles with state of California for $12.3 Million for improper disposal of hazardous waste!

Another corporation has added its name to the growing list of hazardous waste violators settling with the State of California over improper disposal of hazardous waste. Yesterday, San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Linda L. Lofthus ordered Rite-Aid Corporation to pay more than $12.3 million to settle a civil lawsuit that involved nearly every county in the state.  In all 52 county district attorneys and 2 city attorneys joined the civil lawsuit that was filed in San Joaquin County earlier this year. 

Civil Complaint

The lawsuit alleged that over the period of six and a half years the company transported dangerous materials including pesticides, bleach, paint, aerosols and other toxic, corrosive or flammable items  and illegally throwing them out in local landfills. The complaint was the result of an investigation that began in 2009 and involved local environmental health agencies.  The case later expanded when prosecutors, investigators and environmental regulators came together to conduct inspections at Rite Aid facilities and landfills across the state.  

At least they didn't bury their waste! School fined for burying computer monitors.


It has been widely reported that Rite Aid fully cooperated with the state on the investigation. “Under the final judgment, Rite Aid must pay $10.35 million in civil penalties and costs. Additionally, the Camp Hill, Pa.-based company must fund several environmental projects that further consumer protection and environmental enforcement in California.” (Source:The Reporter)

“Rite Aid Corp. cooperated with investigators and prosecutors throughout the case and has adopted policies and procedures designed to prevent the disposal of hazardous waste in California, the District Attorney’s Office said. Stores are now required to keep hazardous waste separated in labeled containers and work with state-registered haulers to record, collect and dispose of hazardous materials. (Source: CBS-Los Angeles)

Rite Aid Corporation joined Wal-Mart in agreeing to a multi-million dollar settlement with the State of California.  2013 has been a banner year in the state for settlements with large corporations over hazardous waste violations.

California businesses should prepare themselves for increased inspections!

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